panacea powder coating
and ceramic coatings


panacea has the expertise to make your project a success.
we serve the automotive, construction, manufacturing,
furniture, tubing, firearm and agriculture industries. we
continue to expand into other markets. our biggest asset is
our focus on customer service that creates long-term
customers. we take pride in being on time and on budget. we
make you look better, so we look better.


panacea produces advanced specialty coatings for the automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing industries. we produce an extensive array of high performance ceramic coatings that provide unique solutions for a wide variety of applications.


• chemical resistance
• high temperature stability
• corrosion protection
• thermal insulation/barrier
• ir reflectivity
• ultra violet stability


micro dyne and & thermo dyne

panacea is an authorized micro dyne and & thermo dyne applicator. micro dyne represents state of the art high performance ceramic and liquid coatings, featuring the cerakote™ line of products. formulated for extreme durability and ease of application, these coatings protect against high temperature oxidation, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack, as well as provide thermal insulation from extreme temperatures. uses include performance motor sports, industrial, aerospace, marine, and firearms applications. thermo dyne™ is the recommended application system for micro dyne products.

automotive coatings

designed for a variety of automotive applications, cerakote products dramatically increase engine performance, longevity, and efficiency. in addition, these products add a bold new look to automotive components.

automotive coatings:

• clear coatings
• corrosion resistant
• heat dissipation
• high temperature
• solid film lubricants
• thermal barrier

clear protection coatings

cerakote micro clear coatings represent years of developmental work that has produced a superior clear coating for protection on a variety of surfaces in all types of conditions. designed with the same chemical backbone as the ultra performance satin metallics, micro clear coatings provide a long lasting protective finish to decorative, industrial, and performance components. with remarkable adhesion to a variety of surfaces and resistance to most all solvents and cleaners, micro clear keeps items looking like new. micro clear is exceptional for sealing polished metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and brass, completely eliminating maintenance and re-polishing of these metals.